Kramer vs Kramer

Posted on 29 Januari 2012


Kramer VS Kramer

Adakah sebuah film yang membuatmu menangis saat menontonya? Punyakah kamu sebuah film yang sudah kamu tonton berkali-kali, tetapi setiap menontonnya lagi selalu masih membuatmu menangis?

I Have one. The titled is “Kramer vs Kramer.” I watched it twice on TV. And today I just have dowloaded it from Internet, and watched again this morning.

I know that movie from Mr Sukayat (RIP), my Lecturer in Law Lesson on College. He is an awesome Lecturer. 🙂

Suatu saat, ketika membahas mengenai hukum yang berlaku di Indonesia pada kasus siapa yang berhak mengasuh anak pada keluarga bercerai, Pak Kayat merekomendasikan kami, muridnya, untuk menonton film Kramer vs Kramer, yang juga kebetulan pada hari Minggunya akan diputar di Metro TV pada program Sunday Evening Movies.

Then I watched that movie. And i was cried. Untungnya saat itu di kos lagi sendirian. Gak tau kayaknya pada pulang kampung semua weekend itu. Gak ada yang mergoki saya lagi mewek sendirian di kosan. 😀


Film ini menceritakan tentang sebuah keluarga: ayah Ted Kramer, ibu Joanne Kramer, dan anak mereka Billy. Cerita dibuka dengan Joanne yang menemani anaknya tidur. Di situ kita bisa melihat betapa cintanya Joanna dengan Billy.

Dan, setelah Billy terlelap, Joanna bersiap-siap mengemasi barang, dan menunggu Ted pulang. Rupanya Joanna berencana meninggalkan Ted dan Billy, kalau dalam istilah kasarnya “minggat.” Namun, sebagai seorang ibu yang bertanggung jawab, Joanna masih meninggalkann pesan tentang apa saja yang harus dia tinggalkan di rumah, misalnya kartu laundry, tagihan listrik, jadwal menjemput Billy ke sekolah, kapan harus membayar tagihan lain-lain. She prepare her “leave” well.

When Ted ask her why, she is just tell that she isn’t good wife and mother. She has a feeling that she isn’t good for Ted. And She isn’t good for Billy. She says “I have no patience.”

In the morning after the going, we can see that Ted is a hardworker father with strong character, and Billy is a nice son. He continue that day without too much complaining. And Ted can make a better explanation about the absence of Joanna.

And the story goes,,,,, until we can see a court.

This is what Mr Sukayat talkin about. Di Pengadilan itu Ted dan Joanna membeberkan alasan masing-masing mengapa mereka yang lebih berhak mengasuh Billy. Memohon kepada hakim agar mereka mendapat hak asuh. Dan bagaimana hakim membuat keputusan serta apa saja yang jadi pertimbangan dalam menentukan siapa yang berhak membesarkan Billy. That is,,, mmm,,, what ,,, i’m speechless.

This is not about right or wrong. This is not about better or worst. This is about raising a child.

This movie is such a masterpiece, i think. And I just have already knew that It won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture. J Para pemerannya dapat nominasi semua. They deserve that. Terutama yang jadi Billy. Walaupun dia gak memang sebagai Best Actor in Supporting Role, but At age 8, he became the youngest nominee for a competitive award in Academy history. His name is Justin Henry. Peran dia di sini sangat menunjang cerita. We can feel what his feeling.


Memang, saya agak overrated dalam menilai film ini. There’s a subjektivity inside. Maybe because I’ve ever be in Billy’s position, of course, with some different matter. Like, the environment we live in.

Bagian yang make sense for me adalah dialog Billy dan Ted, saat akan tidur pada suatu malam:

B : Daddy?

T : Now what is it?

B  : Are you going away?

T : No.

T : I’m staying here with you. You can’t get rid of me that easy.

B : That’s why Mommy left, isn’t it? Because I was bad?

T : Is that what you think?

T : No. That’s not it, Billy.

Your mom loves you very much…and the reason she left has nothing to do with you.

Begitulah, becoming Billy will make you always wondering and sometimes blaming yourself. Sometimes you feeling unwell when everyone, your neighbour, your friend, your teacher, your distant relatives, talking about your fam. You can’t stop blaming yourself. And then it became a habit you dont know why. And it isn’t good  thought. You cant trust everyone because everyone have their own opinion. You hate everyone.

It’s hard to throw that feeling away. Although you read a thousand book about motivation. You want to make it better. You want make a change. You wanna prove everyone that you are success. And you can do fail, maybe. And in the end of the day, you can become a cynical person, or maybe sarcastic.


Another dialog that make sense for me is this part *spoiler alert* :

Ted : The problem is your mom and I both want you to live with us.

So that’s why we decided to go see this man, who is the judge…and we let him decide because

he’s very wise and experienced.

We talked to him for a few days and then asked what he thought.

You know what?

He agreed with Mommy.

He thought it’d be terrific if you lived with her from now on.

I’m lucky because I get to have dinner with you once a week.

And twice a month we spend the weekends together.

Billy : Where’s my bed gonna be?

Where am I gonna sleep?

Ted : Mommy’s figured that all out. You have your own bedroom at her place.

Billy : Where will all my toys be?

Ted : At Mommy’s.

We’re gonna take all your toys over there.

If you play your cards right, she’ll buy you some new ones.

Billy : Who’s gonna read me my bedtime stories?

Ted : Mommy will.

Billy : You’re not gonna kiss me good night anymore?

Ted : No, I won’t be able to do that.

But, you know, I get to visit.

It’s gonna be okay. Really.

Billy : If I don’t like it, can I come home?

Ted : What do you mean?

You’ll have a great time with Mommy.

Really. She loves you so much.

Billy : Dad?

Don’t forget, once, if you can just call me up, okay?

Ted : We’re gonna be okay.

Let’s go get some ice cream.

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